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Born: 2010

Hometown: Beirut

Lives and Works: Beirut


Named 1% Architecture, a tribute to a culture of anti-conformism, the workshop aims to offer a different approach to architecture and design. Its founder, architect Waldemar Faddoul, has a true passion for details and aspires to design buildings, spaces, and objects with a purpose, a soul, and a unique identity. After several years of designing homes and furniture for clients, the workshop has come to develop its own DNA and eventually launched its own homegrown collection of multipurpose furniture, named 1% Design.

This collection illustrates the workshop’s commitment to preserving and promoting local handcraftsmanship. Each design is the result of a synergy between industrial technologies and traditional artisan competence, thereby crafting tomorrow’s heritage.
The collection is showcased at the 1% permanent showroom, located in Mar Mikhael, Beirut and at the 1% popup gallery situated in Canal Saint-Martin, Paris.


We don't have any works from this designer at the moment. Get in touch at contact@theartling.com to find out more.

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