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Lee Ka-Jin

Lee Ka-Jin

Hometown: Korea

Lives and Works: Korea


LEE Ka-jin earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in ceramics in Seoul National University, and is one of the most promising, up-and-coming craft artist in Korea dedicated to making contemporary celadon wares (cheong-ja). Lee has actively showcased her work at home and abroad, namely in Collect craft fair in London and the “Korea NOW” in Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. LEE applies a special glaze made in her own combinations on her droplet-shaped porcelains to add a rich texture and goes through a meticulous ceramic firing process. The thick glaze coating illustrates the extreme “matter-ness” of the porcelain. LEE makes sturdy porcelains with a lucid, radiant color with higher firing temperature and viscosity compared to those of traditional Go-ryo celadons. LEE seeks to reinterpret classical celadons into modern disciplines not through variations in the appearance or functionality but through technological innovations and sentiments of today.


We don't have any works from this designer at the moment. Get in touch at contact@theartling.com to find out more.

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