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GOROTANS  / Crescent moon by Life Wood Works
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Exclusive to The Artling

GOROTANS / Crescent moon


Life Wood Works

US$ 1,160


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cut the rog

Material: Wood

Unique Item

Dimensions: 34.0cm(H) x 50.0cm(W) x 38.0cm(D) / 13.4"(H) x 19.7"(W) x 15.0"(D)

Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.

Item Description

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This is crescent moon, which was created with the image of sitting on the moon.

In the Gorotans series, the seat surface is large and easy to sit.
Long years have passed since it was cut, the environment was not so good, so it was a little damaged logs and revived. Because the environment of the forest which had been put was bad, there is a trace like the wormhole a little, and it is a unique pattern not seen in other, and it is happy if you enjoy it there, too.

■ What's Gorotans?
Series work that is cut out from the log called "Gorotans."
The reason why it is "bent and hard to use" and "irregular" when I cut down a tree.

The base part of the tree which is left behind is called "it is" in the industry term.
It takes a long time for such a large log to return to the soil
In the meantime, if it is swept away by rain or sediment disaster, there is a risk that accumulates large damage to rivers and dams.

It becomes so wonderful when the hand is added to phlegm about being treated such a hindrance.

I hope that even those that are not usually worth it will be able to make a very worthwhile effort by changing their perspective.

■ "What you think is good from the heart" to the next generation
We want to use good things for a long time.

There are four conditions in our work.

Long-term use
Life is enriched
Things that don't get bored
To be able to fix

It is durable, and the mind is a little more than usual when there is it, and the design which makes you want to touch it is simple, and I try to make such a thing that can be used for a long time by fixing it even when it is broken by any chance.

■ Actually use it this way.
I use it when I sit down a little at the door and wear shoes.
I put it next to the bed of the bedroom.

I sit on the flip of a book between housework.

■ Three Services
"I want you to choose to find a partner and raise it like a child."

See the profile section for more information.

■ Other
Materials: Japanese cedar
finish: Bees Wax


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