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Matthew Solomon

Matthew Solomon

Born: 1966

Hometown: New York NY

Based in: Lake Huntington NY


Using a variety of clay bodies and glazes which he crafts himself, Matthew Solomon creates sculptures of beauty with an element of the unexpected. Delphiniums swirl over the surface of a tower, obscuring the form beneath. Decaying leaves, sparkling with an iridescent glaze, encrust a pair of lidded vases. Repetition of form and color creates order within the chaotic floral camouflage.

Born in Brooklyn, Matthew studied at the School of Visual Arts and the Appalachian Center for Crafts before graduating from the New York State School of Ceramics at Alfred University. In 2017 he was awarded an unconditional grant from the Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation. His work has been exhibited at the New York Design Fair, the New York Ceramics Fair, the International Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show at the Park Avenue Armory, TEFAF New York Spring, The International Exposition of Contemporary & Modern Art in Chicago. and the Neuberger Museum of Art. Additionally, his work has been in Architectural Digest, the New York Times Magazine and numerous other publications.

His collectors include icons of art and design such as Agnes Gund, Cindy Sherman and Kitty Hawks. Solomon’s sculptures have also been featured in the interiors of exceptional designers and architects such as Victoria Hagan, Ike Kligerman Barkley, Debora Staley, Douglas Durkin and Dennis McGlade.

Solomon's repertoire ranges from delicate tabletop tulips to installations covering entire walls and/or ceilings. The artist's vases and centerpieces marry function with aesthetic elegance. Basing his designs off of the actual botanic qualities of flowers, Solomon is able to translate the chaos and order of nature into works large and small.


Classic Bronze Bust with Red Tulips and Bees

Matthew Solomon, United States

Design Objects

US$ 12,000


About Matthew Solomon


What inspires you?

Nature, Physics, Mathematics, Art History.


Describe your creative process.

A flash of inspiration followed by intense research. Spontaneous, unrestrained creation tempered by thoughtful editing. I'll see a turtle in my pond, think "I have a glaze that would be perfect for a turtle shell, research turtle shells, look at Hokusai drawings, stack the turtles on a tulipiere pyramid covered in opium poppies and create a piece about idea of endless continuation.the apocryphal


What are 3 words that best describe your work?

Natural. Complex. Timeless.


Who are some artists that have influenced your work?

Dutch still life painters, Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Emile Galle, Louis Comfort Tiffany, Jackson Pollock and Frank Stella.


What is the most important tool when creating your work?

My hands are my most important tool. The tactile experience is everything for me.


What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

To be myself. Authenticity is important in making art.


Where do you go for inspiration?

I often go for walks in the woods and meadows surrounding my studio.


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