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Studio A

Studio A

Born: 1991

Hometown: Beirut

Lives and Works: Beirut


“Studio A” by Ahmad Bazazo is a newly established multidisciplinary design practice which specializes in the creation of unique spaces and pieces. The Studio challenges the notions of traditional design by pushing the boundaries of material experimentation and precision in order to create objects of the highest possible quality. It is not driven by a given style, but rather by a principal of producing bespoke made-to-measure objects that bring light and focus into the spaces that they encompass.

Born and raised in Beirut, a city infamous for its turbulent history, I was part of the post war generation, who witnessed their city boom. Construction was on the rise, and with quarters of the city deemed almost unrecognizable due to bullet holes and mortar shelling, everything was always in a mode of constant change. This influenced me greatly. I was able to watch dilapidated buildings turn to parking lots, then to hangars which hosted temporary activities, then to construction sites filled with cranes, and finally to modern day malls and towers.

With such great changes occurring so frequently, one cannot help but question the directions that various projects were taking. And being fortunate enough to constantly travel and compare the happenings of my city to others, I developed a love for architecture and design and the ways in which it is translated by different peoples and cultures.


We don't have any works from this designer at the moment. Get in touch at contact@theartling.com to find out more.

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