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Studio Millionroses

Studio Millionroses

Born: 2016

Hometown: Seoul

Lives and Works: Seoul


Studio Millionroses is a design studio created by Hyung-Moon Choi and Joo-young Kim in 2016.

Hyung-Moon Choi is an industrial designer. He studied product design at ECAL / Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne in Switzerland, and now lives in Seoul.

Joo-young Kim is a graphic designer. She has created various works of art based on pure artistic concepts in Korea and is currently studying at the PaTI / Paju Typography Institute.

Choi and Kim have a studio in Seoul and are involved in a variety of projects related to product design, interior design, photography, and art direction.


Twister by Studio Millionroses


Studio Millionroses

US$ 950