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Born: 2018

Hometown: Italy, Hong Kong

Lives and Works: Italy, Hong Kong


SUGO was born in 2018 with the sole mission of creating ground breaking contemporary Biophilic furniture designs. Started by husband and wife team Kevin and Giulia we are serious lovers of nature and wanted to fuse advance sustainable technologies with nature inspired creations. All our designs focus on working with or giving back to nature and they are all produce in limited quantity in Italy. Kevin is the founder and director of COC design based in Hong Kong and Italy and was educated in Architectural Association and Bartlett School of Architecture in London under the world renown architects Peter Cook and Marcos Cruz and was the sole recipient of Bartlett Archigram Design Award in 2001 while Giulia, who hails form the Abruzzo region of Italy has extensive directorial experience working with the Italian/China Design Education industry. Many of Kevin’s creations have won international awards including IDA Los Angeles, A Design Award Italy, Architizer USA, China Red Star Award, Chicago Athenaeum Award, Perspective Award Hong Kong to name a few as well as been published in DesignBoom, DesignMilk, Home Journal, Design 360, IDEAT magazine, Terraform magazine, Perspective Magazine, Home Italia, Architectural Digest, Architizer and many more while Giulia has been the vital muse and idea “donator” in some of the most creative designs in the company. Together we want to bring the most original and environmentally conscious designs to any interior.


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