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Xiang Guan

Xiang Guan

Hometown: Jiangxi

Lives and Works: Shanghai


Xiang Guan is an independent designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins college of arts and design in London.

Guan is dedicated to explore the relationship between human being and objects in specific everyday moments and interactions to provide a method to challenge cultures of consumption and obsolescence at a time of global environmental crisis.

He believes with the development of technology, human and objects will coexist in a new relationship. He is discovering and exploring a world of symbiosis between human and objects.

Guan’s works have been exhibited around the world, include Creative Union during London Design Festival (September 2017), Pure Talent Contest, IMM Cologne (January 2018), among others. In the last three years, Guan has acquired prestigious awards including the Reddot Design Award (2016), Nominated by Pure Talent Contest (2018).also his works have been issued by several media, such as Frame Magazine, Dezeen, Elle Décor and Domus.


The Stool by Xiang Guan

Xiang Guan

US$ 1,200

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