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Yacob Sughair

Yacob Sughair

Born: 1968

Hometown: Jordan

Lives and Works: Amman


Yacob Sughair is one of the Middle East’s most prominent interior designers, heading one of the country’s most successful and versatile full service-design studios .

Sughair designs unique interiors and furniture collection that will have a positive impact on his clients’ lives and business. With more than fifteen years of extensive experience, an eye for quality, a superior sense of style, and a client-centered approach to business. He has proven himself as an innovative designer in Jordan.

Sughair works closely with his clients, interpreting their aspirations and exceeding their expectations, always keeping in mind the clients’ vision, which he guides to perfection. He is skilled at creating beautiful designs under a variety of styles, requirements , timeframes and budgets .

As a professional furniture designer Sughair creates his collection of furniture pieces designed to characterize the attractive, practical, functional and aesthetic qualities of an interior space .

Sughair’s design philosophy is to design using his signature approach  of delivering completely unique renderings of design depending on the vantage point the piece is being viewed from. This creates effectively multiple experiences for the same piece depending on the angle it is being viewed from .

Sughair has been the silver Award of A’ Design Award 2017-Italy. The competition is the world's largest design competition awarding best designs, design concepts and products & services, the award is an indicator of quality and perfection in design.


Jacob 14 by Yacob Sughair

Yacob Sughair

US$ 1,450

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