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Country: China


AIKE is a contemporary art gallery introducing avant-garde Chinese contemporary artists to the world as well as working with emerging artists abroad to establish a presence in China. AIKE supports artists early in the careers with a long-term relationship. The program focuses on experimental, conceptual and innovative approach in a variety of media including painting, video, sculpture, installation, performance, photography and printmaking. The artists represented by AIKE have exhibited with institutions and participated prestigious biennials worldwide.

The gallery was initially founded in Palermo in 2005 by Roberto Ceresia, opened its branch in Shanghai in 2008 and moved its entire operations to Shanghai in 2011. Since 2016, the gallery is relocated to West Bund art district and expanded its space. The new space is designed by DEDODESIGN and characterized by its high ceiling and industrial structure. In 2017, Adrian H. Wang becomes the co-owner of AIKE and devotes his career to the local art scene.


Fuji GA645 by Nathan Zhou

Nathan Zhou

US$ 6,650

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