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AO Vertical Art Space

AO Vertical Art Space

Country: Hong Kong


AO Vertical Art Space, established in May 2012, features local and international talent in a unique stair case setting, stretching over ten flights of stairs. Asia One is a strong supporter of the local art community and is passionate about photography. AO Vertical's debut exhibition was with Pulitzer prize winner important press photographer Liu Heung Shing; "Portrait of China" as seen by Chinese Photographers charting the history of the sixty years of the People's Republic (1949 to 2008).

In October 2012 AO Vertical art space started with an equally important exhibition with the great master of black and white photography: Ho Fan. Ho Fan is regarded as Asia's one of the most influential photographers, winning more than 280 awards in international competitions since 1956.

Continuing the enthusiasm from the establishing years, AO Vertical Art Space expended its roster of artists beyond Hong Kong borders and exhibited international artists in the first two shows of 2013. Having become a firm fixture on the art map through continuous strong shows, resulted in increasing numbers on the exhibition openings with an unprecedented turn up of close to 200 people at the last “Spring” and “All About Hong Kong” openings. AO Vertical Art Space aims to remain an important player in Hong Kong's art scene promoting local and international artists in diverse media through exhibitions and book projects.


We don't have any works from this gallery at the moment. Get in touch at contact@theartling.com to find out more.

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