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J 12 contemporary art by jason

J 12 contemporary art by jasonLink to website of J 12 contemporary art by jason

Country: Hong Kong

J 12 contemporary art by jason is focused and dedicated to connect you with established and emerging artists from Japan, South Korea, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Spain with great artistry and creativity. The gallery’s objective is to provide our clients with unique works of art as well as fine art objects that have investment potential and are reflections of who they are.

When you look at the art, we see not just the art itself but as well as the creativity of the artist. We sense their creative process. We deeply value and respect what they represent - whether it’s a painting, works on paper, photograph, art objects, or new media.

Our gallery, a space for quiet contemplation providing a moment to appreciate and be inspired by the art without boundaries offers program including exhibitions, art fairs, as well as collaborations with other institutions.

Founded in 2019 as jason /sveinn contemporary art as an online gallery, we rapidly changed to accommodate the ever-evolving art world by bringing our first drop of digital art and street art into our fold and launching our gallery space at PMQ and presenting our virtual Viewing Room on our website, leading us to our rebranding as J 12 contemporary art by jason.