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Leung Gallery

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Country: China

Founded by Thomas Leung in 2009, Leung Gallery has thrived in the art community at M50 Creative Park, located in Shanghai, China. As the display and collection platform for the Leung styles of art, Leung Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the best in a blend of traditional and contemporary, Chinese and Western influence, and a unique impression.The history behind the art of H. Leung, where the family artistry began, can be dated back to the 1949, when H. Leung moved from his hometown in Guangdong province to Hong Kong, where he fell in love with oil painting. In 1978, H. Leung moved to the United States together with his wife and four sons, initially persuaded by one of their most esteemed art collectors and immediately represented by the renowned gallery, Lahaina Galleries. Deeply influenced by their father’s works from childhood, the first son, Thomas Leung, and the third son, Richard Leung, inherited their father’s talent and formed their own unique style in art. H. Leung, together with his sons, began Leung Studio located in Hayward, CA, and dove into the business of printing, framing, and art licensing for their unique artworks.