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Panoptikum Collections

Panoptikum CollectionsLink to website of Panoptikum Collections

Country: Ukraine

Welcome to the unique selection of unusual collection design items, PANOPTIKUM COLLECTIONS.
Aiming to continuously expand the boundaries of creativity, the PANOPTIKUM project is designed as an experimental platform for discovering the most exciting phenomena in Ukraine’s contemporary object design, which today extensively produces ideas, experimenting with materials and textures, changes forms and senses.
PANOPTIKUM explores and demonstrates a new phenomenon of object design, which is being formed right now in the territory of Ukraine. Perhaps, each of these objects will soon become a new player in the 21st-century contemporary collection design market.
PANOPTIKUM is proof of the realness of ideas materialization embodied in extraordinary but functional interior objects. Each of these objects once was just an insane idea. And today, it becomes an emotional attraction point of your interior or public space.