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Patricia Barrett Studio

Patricia Barrett StudioLink to website of Patricia Barrett Studio

Country: United States of America

I worked exclusively as master printer and archivist with photographer Rodney Smith for 16 years. My prints have been displayed in myriad museums and galleries around the world including the Edwyn Houk Gallery (New York), Staley-Wise Gallery (New York), the Robert Klein Gallery (Boston), The Fahey/Klein Gallery (Los Angeles), Gilman Contemporary (Sun Valley), FOST Gallery (Singapore), Timothy Yarger Gallery (Bangkok), Eckhart Gallery (The Hague), Actes 2 Gallerie (Paris), Florian Gallery (London). My work has also been featured in such publications as TIME Magazine, the New York Times, and Vanity Fair. Rodney was meticulous, precise and demanding, always seeking quality and perfection in his work and his prints. That obsessive attention to detail has become woven into the fabric of my craft and aesthetic which drives the production of my high quality work. I specialize in making archival pigment prints in my own studio and make and sell my work and the work of other photographers.