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Tasveer Gallery

Tasveer Gallery Link to website of Tasveer Gallery

Country: India

Tasveer is an organisation committed to the art of photography and photography as art. Dedicated to promoting and showcasing contemporary photography, Tasveer has created a network of galleries between Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Since Tasveer’s inaugural show in October 2006, over 100 exhibitions have been held throughout India, and the gallery has also participated in variety of exhibitions abroad. Tasveer now represents over 25 photographers, as well as maintaining an evolving digital archive of photographic images through the website and at its head office in Bangalore. Alongside the gallery’s own publication programme, which produces detailed catalogues and texts on all exhibitions, Tasveer also works in association with Seagull Books, India’s leading arts publisher. Tasveer’s exhibition programme includes work by up-and-coming, established and international photographers but the gallery also showcases vintage and modern prints by some of the past masters of the medium. Creative excellence and originality are the only criteria determining the selection of exhibits.


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