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Surveillance (Eyes)By Palirina

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US$ 990



Digital, Video

Unique Work

Dimensions: 2758px (H) x 2722px (W)

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Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.

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Artist Statement

Big Brother is watching you!

Soon thousands of eyes will be watching us! It will be impossible to hide from surveillance!
This work identifies a threatening aspect of interaction with artificial intelligence - 24-hour surveillance of all people and, as a consequence, a total lack of privacy.

Here you will see dozens of differently animated eyes pointing at you. Periodically, you will be blinded by camera flashes, so that you do not forget for a moment that you are being followed. The video is accompanied by psychedelic music and sound effects.

High resolution video 2722* 2758 px, 30fps. Duration of 19 seconds. File size 132 MB. Supports looping playback. Original video with sound! Only one unique item exists.

Created based on the animation of physical artwork - mixed media collage. Artwork from the series "Artificial Intelligence. Why?"

The artist explores the negative aspects of the total spread of artificial intelligence. The mixed media collages demonstrate the author's critical perspective on the following topics: the incessant surveillance of people, the intrusive information noise, the disappearance of biological life forms from the face of the Earth and others.


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Artist Profile

Born: 1982
Hometown: Minsk
Based in: Minsk

Irina Safronova, aka, Palirina is a Belarusian artist whose works are created spontaneously as a way to express the emotions that drive her in that particular moment. Her fluid abstracts use recycled painting in an aim to minimise waste and create eco-friendly art.

During her creative process, the artists enters a …


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