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The_first_targetBy Philip Cole

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C-Print, Still image

Unique Work

Dimensions: 4113px (H) x 4134px (W)

Includes NFT on Startrail

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Note: Actual colours may vary due to photography & computer settings.

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Every artwork offered for sale has an accompanying NFT issued on Startrail, also called Startrail Registry Record (SRR) so that the artwork information can be easily viewed and managed online. As contemporary art becomes increasingly multi-disciplinary and uses a variety of media, our goal is to make artwork information and data more transparent and accessible. To find out more, click here.

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Artist Statement

I distinctly remember buying a secondhand record called Debut from a boot sale.
It had gatefold sleeve that had become unstuck to reveal the CMYK shapes along the inside tab. The colours, shapes and patterns were simple but compelling. Around the same time I started collecting the tabs from packaging. These 'targets' and 'peripherals' have always delighted me visually and like anything that is collected and observed, small differences are noticed and enjoyed. Whilst they inform my painting practice (... they are in the background as a 'slow burn') - I thought that it might also be exciting to generate some of my own versions as NFT's.


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United Kingdom


Artist Profile

Born: 1961
Hometown: Brighton
Based in: Brighton

Armed with clear rules of engagement and a highly particular approach and a technique, I add and subtract material in order to make a painting object. The approach could be characterised by process, it raises questions about the act of making and painting, the choice of subject matter as well …


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