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Country: China




hasenkamp is an owner-operated family enterprise in ist 5th generation. Since it was founded in 1903 we have developed into a logistics specialist for particularly sensitive and highly valuable freight-forwarding and storage services. We are regarded as the market leader for this niche business. The packing systems as well as the handling and the logistical processes are planned and monitored by our experts in close cooperation with the owners , art specialists and restorers throughout the entire assignment.

Our service portfolio for museums, private collectors and institutions include: Installation of art objects / cultural artifacts; Exhibition architecture; Wall installations with patented hasenkamp – suspension system; Handling of large sculptures; Setting up work; hasenkamp Variosystem / Vario suspension system; Security systems for sculptures; Installation of moveable partitions / moveable suspension systems; Light Installation; Entire depot relocations; IT inventory management; Depot organisation; Restoration support; Insurance services.

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