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Helu-Trans Group

Helu-Trans Group


Country: International




Helu-Trans Group Established in 1979, Helu-Trans Group is one of Asia’s leading one-stop fine art logistics service provider, with a strong regional presence in Singapore (headquarters), Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Yogyakarta and Tokyo. We provide comprehensive fine art storage and logistics solutions to the world’s major art institutions, museums, auction houses and galleries.

As an extension of our services, Helu-Trans offers art conservation and restoration through our partner company, YH Conservation. Located at Singapore’s Keppel facility, the fully equipped conservation laboratory has the expertise across the main categories of painting, paper and object.

Helu-Trans belongs to the ICEFAT and ARTIM networks of global fine arts logistic providers where members come with a consistent and professional track record of delivering exemplary services.

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