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YH Conservation (in partnership with Helu-Trans)

YH Conservation (in partnership with Helu-Trans)


Country: Singapore

Yuan Heng (YH) Conservation is a joint venture between Helu-Trans and the Conservation Center of Cheng Shiu University, Taiwan. It is dedicated to provide professional art conservation solutions and management to its clients.

Helu-Trans is a leading art logistics company in Asia, with presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Yogyakarta and Tokyo. As a service provider to a large clientele in the art industry, it constantly seeks to evolve and improve every aspect of its business. The addition of YH Conservation reinforces the vision of a one-stop service center for Asia’s leading galleries, institutions, auction houses and collectors.

The Conservation Center at Cheng Shiu University is a renowned institution providing conservation and restoration services, as well as educating the masses in the importance of such work. The Center consists of highly-skilled art conservators, each specializing in a speci c eld. The conservators also possess extensive experience in handling artworks ranging from old masters to contemporary.