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Norbert Veser

Hometown: Friedrichshafen, Germany

Based in: Friedrichshafen

Parallel to his professional career as an engineer, Norbert Veser has always remained true to photography. Already at the age of 8 he took nature pictures with his first own camera.
With his entry into the world of system cameras and digital image processing, Norbert Veser discovered the many possibilities of expressing his own creativity by varying colors and combining different image contents. In order to meet the demand for high image quality and interesting image composition at the same time, Norbert Veser has continuously developed his technical equipment, the software workflow and his own skills in several stages.
Norbert Veser's AquaCatching water fountain images present the element of water in a surprising variety of shapes and colors. The images are intended to fascinate the viewer and make him think about the fundamental element of water. Pure clear water, as a prerequisite for the survival of all life on earth, is presented as a beautiful and noble medium. Viewing the images and the positive emotions and associations linked to them are intended to inspire a more conscious and sustainable approach to precious water in everyday life.

To enable communication about the different "works of art" of AquaCatching, names like AquaDom, AquaTor, WaterEll, DomEli or WaterEli were introduced. By stacking the same image in different sizes, the *Eli images are created. This NV size stacking technique gives the images depth and dynamics in a special way.
For engineer Norbert Veser, these *Eli's harmoniously combine simple, clearly structured geometric elements with chaotic and diverse elements from nature.
By alienating the photos through cropping in the form of the AquaTore or by limiting them to sections (WaterEll and WaterEli), the obvious reference to the original photo is to be dissolved. Surprising geometric shapes and color structures emerge to captivate the viewer.

To take pictures of the AquaCatching water fountains a second person is needed. For Norbert Veser it is a great pleasure to enjoy the shooting situations in the open air together with his wife Elke.


Norbert Veser In The Studio

By AquaCatching we mean the photographic capture of water sculptures that briefly form after a stone is thrown. The family tree-picture shows how the fascinating AquaCatching images develop from the photographs of the water sculptures.

main image

More About Norbert Veser

Question IconWhat inspires you?

To make the creativity of nature visible and to represent it in a form that gives people pleasure motivates me to create and "catching" interesting objects.

Question IconDescribe your creative process.

In the search for promising water fountains, it is necessary to select places and times where lighting conditions, water quality, water movement, water depth, foreground, background and shape of the stones are expected to produce interesting objects. On the computer, the best photos are selected according to interesting shape and color structures and varied in color and composition so that an expressive and harmonious overall impression is created.

Question IconWho are some artists that have influenced your work?

Victor Vasarely, Andy Warhol

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

Beside my camera it is my computer.

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

I love to go to the mountains, to the forest or to the water.



University of Stuttgart.

Germany, 1993


RollsRoyce Excellence Award


Presidents Award, CIMAC World Congress in Vienna