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Olga Koudi

Born: 1994

Hometown: Irkutsk

Based in: Saint Petersburg

Olga Koudi is a visual artist and surreal photographer.

Olga Koudi engaging in art photography in 2014 and develops her unique surrealist style. In 2020, she is starting to create digital painting, which takes her visual improvisation to the next level and become a new method of expressing.

In her artworks, she talks about the body, nudity and femininity, introversion and the Comfort Zone (both in society and in our own homes or minds). Olga Koudi bases her stories on dreams and childhood memories, so the spaces and figures that inhabit her strange world seem bizarre and surreal.




Art in meta-verse

South Korea, 2022

Forever Young

Russia, 2021

New Era

United Kingdom, 2020