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Rafa Diniz

Born: 1985

Hometown: Crato

Based in: Crato CE

Rafa Diniz formally began his studies in musical composition in the city of João Pessoa in 2007. He lived in the capital of Paraíba until 2017, where he completed his undergraduate and master's degree in composition. During this journey, the composer dedicated himself more strongly to electroacoustic and electronic music. Later, he entered audiovisual aesthetics, deepening his studies in programming languages in which they combine image and sound synthesis in real-time. Today he considers himself primarily a computer artist, both in terms of image and sound.


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Universidade Federal da Paraíba - Master in Music Composition

Brazil, 2017

Universidade Federal da Paraíba - Bachelor of Music Composition

Brazil, 2014


Além do Sítio

Brazil, 2020

Creative Code Festival

United States of America, 2020

À Nordeste

Brazil, 2019


Brazil, 2018