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Mary Grace Soriano

Mary Grace Soriano

Born: 1993

Hometown: Muntinlupa City

Lives and Works: Muntinlupa City


These photos are my most kept ones, gathered for many years doing photography as a hobby.

Every time I want to take a picture, I wanted it to transform and tell a story. And just like they say “ A picture tells a thousand words”

And It’s not only a picture, its a perfecture (perfect-picture) for me. Hope you keep it the way I did.

I’m an AB Mass Comm Graduate, my first job in 2014 was Assistant Subdivision Admin and it took 3 years, then moved to sales in 2016 as Marketing Assistant and Sales Executive for a year then finally pursue another industry as Financial Advisor 2017-2018.


Sunset and the moon by Mary Grace Soriano

Mary Grace Soriano

US$ 251

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