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Swimming Through AirBy Stephanie Barenz

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Artist Statement

"Swimming Through Air” is an archival print. This acid-free giclée print is printed on 100% archival fine art paper or canvas and comes in several sizes. It was created by using a mixed media process. A painting was first created and then scanned. After these initial steps, additional imagery was layered on top using a digital painting application.

My art is about the layered experience of moving from point A to point B, be it a short walk or a lifelong journey. I have found that creating and moving are similar in the way that they can both disorientate and give direction to their participant. This is the paradox that motivates my work.

As an expatriate, I draw from my personal experience of living in Shanghai, China. In my work, the physical act of moving serves as a metaphor for the different internal paths one takes throughout their life. Along with this, water, in its many forms, is a consistent theme in my work because of how it represents these ideas of transition and transformation.

Formally, my work uses several processes, which include printmaking, collage, painting, and digital photography. The subject matter includes imagery of places I am a part of an abstract mark-making. The layered experience of one’s journey influences the way I layer different materials and imagery. Often, I paint over digital collages that I create. My background in printmaking has fostered within me a love for iteration, using matrixes in new ways, and the playfulness and chance involved with creating.


Artist Profile

Born: 1983
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Based in: Madison, WI

Shanghai-based artist Stephanie Barenz creates mixed media works inspired by the layered experience of moving between point A and point B. Her work merges photography, printmaking, painting, and collage.

Barenz received her MFA from Washington University in St. Louis. Before living in China, she taught at the Milwaukee Institute of …


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