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International Art Residencies in 2023

International Art Residencies in 2023


International Art Residencies in 2023

Image courtesy of ©Wassaic Project

2023 sees a whole new spate of in-person art residencies being held once more, where artists gather in communal spaces to weave their artistic narratives. These residencies offer a haven for artists to refine their craft embracing to both shape and be shaped by the cultures that surround them. From Europe to the Asia, The Artling presents a compilation of international residencies, making this year an opportunity to create.

Residencies in the USA

MacDowell Fellowship

Deadline: September 10, 2023

Where: Peterborough, New Hampshire

Period: 5 months in 2024

About: Artists within their respective artistic domains, along with up-and-coming creatives, have the opportunity to seek the MacDowell fellowship. Welcoming applications for the Spring Summer residency in 2024, artists of diverse origins and nationalities across various disciplines, including architecture, film/video arts, interdisciplinary arts, literature, music composition, theatre, and visual arts may apply.

Apply here

Armory Art Center - Artist Residency Program

Deadline: August 21, 2023

Where: West Palm Beach, FL

Period: 10 months

About: This competitive program is supportive and accessible to a broad type of rising artists from many disciplines and nations with at least a BFA. Through this program, artists in residency gain studio area where they may create and are in charge of teaching classes to a varied student body/community.

Apply here

Image courtesy of ©Vermont Studio Center

Vermont Studio Center - Residency Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Where: Johnson, VT

Period: 2-4 weeks

About: The residency program of study at Vermont Studio Center fosters creative immersion while offering optional presentations, craft discussions, and connections with the local and university communities through their Community Contribution curriculum, which is nestled in Vermont Village.

Apply here

Monson Arts - Residency Program

Deadline: September 15, 2023

Where: Monson, Maine

Period: 2-4 weeks in 2024

About: The residency program at Monson Arts allows emerging and experienced artists to immerse themselves in an environment of creativity in a tiny Maine town. Participants in the 2-week and 4-week classes get private studios, separate bedrooms, food, and a stipend. The program offers applications for residencies that provide solitude and cater to a variety of artistic pursuits, including photography.

Apply here

Image courtesy of ©Vashon Artist Residency

Vashon Artist Residency

Deadline: August 23, 2023

Where: Vashon Island, WA

Period: 2-3.5 weeks

About: Providing artists with an environment to create, live, and interact in a lively artistic community, the residence, founded by visual artist Cathy Sarkowsky, provides workplaces for artists of all disciplines, stimulating creation and discovery. Committed to diversity, artists from a variety of backgrounds are encouraged personal growth and inquiry among participants and their peers.

Apply here

Center for Contemporary Printmaking - Artist Residence Program

Deadline: October 1, 2023

Where: Norwalk, Connecticut

Period: 2-3 months in 2024

About: The Artist-in-Residence Program at the Center for Contemporary Printmaking provides artists with a supportive atmosphere in the Helen Frankenthaler Printmaking Cottage to explore both classic and contemporary printmaking processes. Artists may develop their practice while benefiting from studio time and participating in community outreach activities such as studio talks and workshops. This curriculum encourages artistic development, experimentation, and the production of original material.

Apply here

Image courtesy of ©Millay Arts

Millay Arts - Multidisciplinary Artist Residencies

Deadline: October 2, 2023

Where: Austerlitz, New York

Period: 2 week-1 month

About: The Artists-in-Residence program provides a transformational experience by dedicating time and space to creative projects that support the global community. Millay Arts offers both group and self-directed residencies, including week-long group residencies in early December and the Wintertide Rustic Retreat, which takes place yearly from late December through February.

Apply here

18th Street Arts Center - Visiting Artist Residency Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Where: Los Angeles, California

Period: 1-3 months

About: The 18th Street Arts Center's visiting artist residency program provides live/work studios. The program supports both invited and open-application artists and is available to artists of various genres and backgrounds, including curators, performing artists, and filmmakers. This research and production-based program develops a varied creative community by bringing in individuals from all around the world.

Apply here

Image courtesy of ©Wassaic Project

Wassaic Project - Summer Residency

Deadline: August 28, 2023

Where: Wassaic, NY

Period: 5 months (2024)

About: Annually, Wassaic Project opens various programs such as summer and winter residencies. To enrich the residence experience, there are regular artist lectures and studio visits by creative experts, as well as monthly group studio visits and individual critiques guided by embedded critics and program directors. To encourage a dynamic creative atmosphere, residents also participate in artist talks, presentations, and Open Studios events.

Apply here

18th Street Arts Center - Visiting Artist Residency Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Where: Los Angeles, California

Period: 1-3 months

About: The 18th Street Arts Center's visiting artist residency program provides live/work studios. The program supports both invited and open-application artists and is available to artists of various genres and backgrounds, including curators, performing artists, and filmmakers. This research and production-based program develops a varied creative community by bringing in individuals from all around the world.

Apply here

Residencies in Canada

Image courtesy of ©Atelier Circulaire

Atelier Circulaire - Artist Residencies

Deadline: November 30, 2023

Where: Montreal, Quebec

Period: 1 month

About: The residency program of Atelier Circulaire invites international artists to its production studios, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration among members. Residents have the opportunity to display their work to the public once it has been completed. A varied group comprised of artist members, guest artists/curators, and the center's artistic director picks projects each year based on aesthetic quality, project relevance, and printing expertise.

Apply here

Studio H Canada - International Artist Residencies

Deadline: Ongoing

Where: Metchosin, BC

Period: 1-3 weeks

About: Studio H Canada offers international artist residencies in the scenic town of Metchosi. The location provides inspirational settings of mountains, lakes, beaches, and breathtaking panoramas, including Mt. Baker and Victoria City. The beautiful surroundings of the residence aims to inspire artists of all media.

Apply here

Residencies in Europe

Image courtesy of ©Cortex Frontal

Córtex Frontal - Artist-in-Residence Program

Deadline: Call for Applications is open all year round for residencies from April-December

Where: Portugal, Europe

Period: 4 weeks minimum

About: The residency program offers project oversight, thematic workshops, field trips, artist engagement with local education, networking support, and access to event schedules. Additionally, workgroups of up to 15 individuals can enjoy short to long-term stays, thematic sessions, and facilities for meetings and projections, with the option to occupy the entire residence when planned in advance.

Apply here

De Ateliers - Programme

Deadline: December 1-February 1, 2024

Where: Amsterdam, Europe

Period: 2 years (2024-2026)

About: Fostering dialogue and feedback, De Ateliers supports artistic growth by providing workshops, a library, and cooperation with diverse organizations. It emphasizes self-motivation, teamwork, and the exchange of ideas in a small-scale community. The organization also offers public events, artist talks, and exhibits.

Apply here

Image courtesy of ©SIM Residency

SÍM Residency

Deadline: December, 2023

Where: Iceland, Europe

Period: 5 months (2024)

About: SÍM seeks to improve artists' working conditions and rights by administering different initiatives for government entities and serving on committees. SÍM runs a non-profit residence program in three locations that helps artists by providing an ideal environment for their work.

Apply here

L'AiR Arts - Residency Program

Deadline: Not stated

Where: Montparnasse,Paris,

Period: 2 weeks-2 months

About: The L'AiR Arts residence program combines modern arts with their historical setting, notably the Ecole de Paris period of the twentieth century. The program provides artists with a venue to create and research the artistic history of Paris. The residency promotes creative growth through shared experiences and connections with local artists and cultural professionals, as well as solo exploration of Paris.

Apply here

Image courtesy of ©Palazzo Monti

Palazzo Monti - Residency Program

Deadline: September 30, 2023

Where: Brescia, Italy

Period: 7 months

About: Founded in 2017, Palazzo serves as a cultural hub encompassing a residency program, exhibition area, and private collection. It functions as a creative incubator, fostering inspiration, fostering relationships, and encouraging collaborations among artists.

Apply here

Read more about the residency here

La Macina di San Cresci - Residency Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Where: Chianti, Italy

Period: 1 week-3 months

About: The La Macina di San Cresci Program offers artists a place to work apart from daily distractions offering to a wide range of artistic processes and interests, with workshops and local expeditions for skill growth and inspiration, as well as a tranquil location for relaxation and focus.

Apply here

Image Courtesy @Pilotenkueche

PILOTENKUECHE -International Art Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Where: Leipzig, Germany

Period: 3 months

About: The International Art Program welcomes artists from all over the globe to its communal studio area, which encourages cooperation and dialogue. The program includes studio visits, displays, tours, consultations, and critiques, with a final group show that converts the studio into an exhibition venue.

Apply here

Somerset House

Deadline: Ongoing

Where: United Kingdom

Period: 1-3 years

About: The Somerset House Trust manages the workspace at Somerset House Studios to keep rent reasonable while also giving chances for artists to get feedback and build engagement skills. It is anticipated that resident artists would support the Trust's charitable objectives by participating in communal, public, or educational projects and strengthening connections within the creative community. The goals of Somerset House Studios include creating distinctive arts, fostering group exploration, increasing public education, maintaining historic structures, and creating innovative educational programs.

Apply here

Image Courtesy @La Napoule

La Napoule - LNAF Residency Program

Deadline: September 1, 2023

Where: France

Period: 1 month

About: The La Napoule Art Foundation is in charge of Château de La Napoule, which serves as a museum and arts center and provides an environment for productive artistic collaboration and meaningful intercultural encounter. Artists are encouraged to use their time for concept discovery and project development, as well as to establish camaraderie and community through conversations.

Apply here

European Media Art Platform

Deadline: September 12, 2023

Where: France

Period: 2 months (2024)

About: The European Media Art Platform (EMAP), which focuses on digital, media, bio, and robotic art, provides open applications for two-month residencies that encourage multidisciplinary knowledge exchange between artists, host groups, and professionals. Aiming to promote media art creation, sharing, and collaborations across an expanding worldwide network of over 100 partners across 40 countries.

Apply here

Image courtesy of ©Cordts Art Foundation

Cordts Art Foundation

Deadline: November 30, 2023

Where: Schwanenwerder, Berlin

Period: 2025-2026

About: The residency program supports female artists in a variety of artistic disciplines. The nonprofit organization was founded by artist Franziska Seifert and her husband to remedy the underrepresentation of women in the arts. The initiative offers female artists from across the world rent-free housing in a location in Berlin, allowing them to concentrate on their projects undisturbed for lengths of time.

Apply here

Eutopia - Artist in Residency

Deadline: October 30, 2023

Where: Greece

Period: 3-6 weeks

About: Creative people from all over the world who work in sectors including art, architecture, literature, and music are cordially invited to participate in temporary programs. Residencies offer a setting that is creatively stimulating, fostering cooperation and communication among artists and fostering the interchange of ideas on both artistic and humane subjects. The program concludes in a group show or event that engages the public, other artists, editors, and collectors while developing a feeling of community among participants.

Apply here

Starke Foundation

Deadline: Ongoing

Where: Berlin

Period: 3-12 months

About: Run by the Starke Foundation with the main objective of giving residence and workspace to chosen artists, including long-term support for emerging artists and temporary housing for established artists. A fusion of both business and art is fostered through the foundation's linkages to diverse cultural, scientific, economic, and political groups. Additionally, the initiative allows artists to present work created while staying at the Lionspalace in the mansion's gallery, with added scholarship from foreign curators.

Apply here

Residencies in Asia

Image courtesy of ©Studio Kura

Studio Kura - Artist in Residence Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Where: Fukuoka, Japan

Period: 4,8, or 12 weeks (2024)

About: The Artist in Residence Program at Studio Kura allows local and foreign artists to immerse themselves in rural Japan, stimulating creative inspiration. This program helps not just the artists but also the local community by presenting new artworks and artists. Residencies are followed by an exhibition of the artists' work created during their time at Studio Kura.

Apply here

ACENTRICSPACE - Artist in Residence

Deadline: August 31, 2023

Where: China

Period: 1-3 months

About: The ACENTRICSPACE artist residency program assists artists in continuing their artistic path beyond graduation and in new settings. The residency encourages artists to create new works, engage with local and international peers, and revitalize their artistic vision. The program seeks to provide an ideal environment for artists of all types to thrive, encouraging the development of new artistic pursuits and enabling cross-cultural artistic dialogue.

Apply here

Image Courtesy @SILVERLENS

SILVERLENS - Lubi Art Residency

Deadline: June 12, 2023

Where: Philippines

Period: 6 months

About: Silverlens announced the establishment of the Lubi Art Residency on Kopiat Islands. The residency aims to provide artists with opportunities to create carbon-neutral public artworks using indigenous materials sourced from the island. The Lubi Art Residency focuses on creating works that interact with nature over time, reflecting the island’s revolving seasons.

Apply here

Read more about the residency here

Bamboo Curtain Studio - Regular Residency Program

Deadline: Ongoing

Where: Taiwan

Period: Not stated

About: The BCS project fosters global cross-cultural interaction by providing an environment for the creation of new ideas and connections. It welcomes artists, curators, researchers, and creative professionals for brief residencies, with the goal of breaking down boundaries through well-equipped production and research facilities.

Apply here

The world of international artist residency programs in 2023 beckons with boundless opportunities for creative exploration and cultural immersion. Whether nestled in the heart of a vibrant metropolis or surrounded by the serene beauty of nature, these residencies promise an invaluable platform to connect with diverse minds, refine one's craft, and cultivate a global perspective. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, cultural exchange, and artistic growth by joining these international residencies in 2023, where creativity knows no borders and inspiration knows no limits.

Any views or opinions in the post are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent the views of the company or contributors.

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