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Palazzo Monti - Is this Italy's most stunning artist residency?

ByJenevieve Kok
Palazzo Monti - Is this Italy's most stunning artist residency?

Images courtesy of Palazzo Monti

Palazzo Monti is an artist residency programme with an exhibition space and private collection located in the heart of Brescia, Italy. As an incubator for creativity and productivity, Palazzo Monti is a cultural centre, offering artists a chance to find inspiration, forge new relationships, and create collaborations. The independent residency was founded in 2017 by Edoardo Monti, an art collector and curator from Bergamo, Italy. Palazzo Monti's mission is to become one of the most relevant players for artist’s residencies programmes, recognised among the international creative scene, with contemporary art as the main focus and design as an additional one.

Edoardo Monti, Founder of Palazzo Monti

Their goal is to support artists and creatives from all over the world through their artistic journeys, gain confidence in their practice, provide a unique immersive experience, and take part in an inclusive and prestigious creative community. Palazzo Monti has hosted over 35 shows in just four years since its founding. Most of the artworks in these exhibitions were produced on-site during the residency programme. Their community includes over 150 international artists, alumni, and creatives, with many collectors, curators, institutions, galleries, and influential members of the design, fashion, and music industries. Some of these artists include Chella Man, Curtis Santiago, Diane Dal-Pra, and Antonia Showering.

Palazzo Monti is housed in a 13th-century building decorated with neo-classical frescoes from the 18th century. The historical space was given a new life and transformed into a place of creativity and dynamic workshops. In the palazzo, local Italian and international artists are invited to share their everyday life and experience several artistic practices: painting, photography, sculpture, visual arts, and design, while delving into a unique and creative environment. To date, these artists have created paintings, prints, installations, and objects in ceramic, iron, bronze, marble, or wood inspired by the savoir-faire of the Italian territory.

In 2020, Palazzo Monti launched FRESCO, a project in support of young artists with conversations and tips around art and design. International artists, curators and collectors have joined Edoardo on these quick FaceTime chats, that have been viewed over 33,000 times.

About Edoardo Monti

Born in Bergamo in 1991, Edoardo Monti studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London. He then moves to New York where he works for Stella McCartney for 8 years. Shortly after, Monti decided to focus on contemporary art exclusively and applies the skills acquired over the years abroad to his own region, Lombardia while building bridges between artists, artisans and institutions all over the world.

In addition to being the founder of Palazzo Monti, Monti is also an art collector and curator. In the past 3 years, he has organised over 23 exhibitions among which Bea Bonafini at NOVO, Italy (2021); Harrison Pearce at Ribot Gallery, Italy (2021); Andrea Bocca at Riviera Creative Space, Italy (2021); Art Drive-In Generali (2020-21); Transatlantico at Mana Contemporary, in Jersey City, (2020); Damnatio Memoriae for the Flag Art Foundation, New York (2020); Op. Cit for A plus A Gallery, Venice (2020); (Very) Young Italians in collaboration with AucArt, Brescia (2020); and Stefano Perrone at Villa Litta, Veneto (2018).

All images courtesy of Palazzo Monti

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