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Straits Clan and The Artling Present Creative Studio: 'The Closing Exhibition'

ByJenevieve Kok
Straits Clan and The Artling Present Creative Studio: 'The Closing Exhibition'

Masuri Mazlan, Dawn Ang (a.k.a Aeropalmics), Tiffany Loy, and André Wee, Image courtesy of Mandala Club

To celebrate the conclusion of its inaugural four-month residency, Straits Clan and The Artling are proud to present Creative Studio: The Closing Exhibition, featuring a collection of new works developed by the four local artists throughout the course of the residency. The programme launched in February 2021, and the four artists selected were André Wee, Dawn Ang (a.k.a Aeropalmics), Masuri Mazlan, and Tiffany Loy.

Update: We’ve unfortunately had to close the exhibition early due to the latest Singapore government measures, but we hope you’ll be able to enjoy the exhibition and artworks digitally!

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Installation View, Image courtesy of Mandala Club

The Creative Studio was launched as part of the Straits Clan Arts Programme, which aims to develop the club’s cultural capital and cement the space as a venue that enables and encourages lively dialogue between its members and the creative community. Co-managed by Straits Clan and The Artling, the programme has provided the four up-and-coming local creatives with a much-needed platform in Singapore during a challenging time, where space to create is vital yet scarce. The artists have used the residency period to develop new bodies of work in a dynamic and collaborative environment, inspired by the heritage building of Straits Clan.

Installation View, Image courtesy of Mandala Club

Installation View, Image courtesy of Mandala Club

“One of the pillars that define the club is our commitment to the arts, and we are honoured to have been able to support these amazingly talented local artists in difficult times like these. It has been a pleasure to partner with The Artling for the Creative Studio, which is just one of our many upcoming initiatives to identify, support, and nurture exceptional artists with extraordinary ideas.” - Ben Jones, The Mandala Group’s Founder and Straits Clan’s CEO.

Installation View, Image courtesy of Mandala Club

Installation View, Image courtesy of Mandala Club

Through regular meet-the-artists talks and open studio sessions organised by the club over the four-month period, the artists’ were able to connect their work with new potential collectors and passionate art lovers. Each artist is also gifting one of the artworks created during the residency to be in Straits Clan’s permanent art collection, displayed around the club’s lobby and member areas.

Installation View, Image courtesy of Mandala Club

Installation View, Image courtesy of Mandala Club

“We are thrilled to continue our long-standing partnership with Straits Clan through the launch of the residency programme. These four artists were selected for their diverse talent and it has been so exciting to see how all of them have learned from each other’s practices and how they have evolved over the course of the residency. We really couldn’t have picked a better bunch!” - Talenia Phua Gajardo, Founder & CEO of The Artling.

Installation View, Image courtesy of Mandala Club

"The shift between creating my series of works within the walls of the  Straits Clan and later from my home studio due to the heightened alert measures of current world events had largely informed the direction of my art and how I had decided to approach it eventually. 

What was initially just a study and appreciation of the unique building and people that flowed between the membranes of the spaces had also become a personal journey through memory and recollection for me.  Instead of just parking myself in different corners of the building, sketching and pushing digital clay around with a coffee in hand - I had later found myself recreating the spaces and animating the scenes within them based on my personal reconstructed memories of my enjoyable time there. 

As I received news of the rebranding of the Straits Clan, I had become even more invested in preserving the memory of it as what was once the  New Majestic Hotel was now entering yet another new chapter of its life and I felt it important to record it in my own way. I hope you’d enjoy the works as much as I did create it and a huge thank you to the Artling and  Straits Clan for this opportunity of sharing this memory with you. Goodbye  Straits Clan and hello to the Mandala Club!" André Wee

"Through the years, I've been on an exploration of the symmetry of shapes within nature- how they can reflect and alter moods and how nature can help us reset, recalibrate and bring the mind calm. In recent tests through this Creative Studio residency period, I've decided on heroing the abstraction of the perennial Flower, to creating relatable, accessible pieces lead by colour, dedicated to lifting spirits and recreating simple joys. These patterns came about through a good amount of trial and error, and a lot of time was spent on research and experimentation; for example, how hard angles paired with specific colours might possibly give the viewer a more rigid impression, whereas these almost transient, circular petal shapes give the viewer a feeling of approachability and malleability. I'm still working on further shape development, and you'll be seeing them in recurring themes through my work, spanning various mediums.

This Creative Studio residency has offered us the physical space required to create some larger pieces! Meeting the 3 other artists was a joy- had a great time sharing thoughts, experiences and bouncing ideas off one another. I’ve found fast friends and that’s always a happy surprise. The Discovery sessions organised were also a great way to meet and interact with people who are interested in the arts and the artists behind the pieces, and that social aspect was definitely an enjoyable one."Dawn Ang (a.k.a Aeropalmics)

"I am very excited to make new connections with the people doing the residency. My studio mates, Dawn, Tiffany and André are so supportive of each other and that spurs me to work along with them to understand their processes in their work and aesthetics. My peers offer to bounce ideas as well as sharing their skills to motivate us in our pursuit of exploration, learning and critical thinking. Most importantly, I am happy to be working closely with the Artling team which consists of astute female leaders such Talenia, Kim, Madi, and Ben Jones that I am looking forward to.

The Artling and Straits clan have never failed to extend their assistance in making us feel so welcome in the Creative Studio. The studios provided for us are exemplary. A space that is readily available to the artists with clear, defined mutually agreeable terms. Having a space entrusted to us in that way encourages us as artists and designers to experiment freely and pushes our art practice closer to its apex. Due to the high rental costs and the uncertainties that preceded the pandemic era, this opportunity offloads our personal stress to make art and have it showcased on an international platform.

The collective space is well-equipped, both Artling and Straits Clan have been enormously receptive and open to accommodating different art practices. To be in a space that understands the uniquely different studio needs of individual artists is simply refreshing and sets the standard for the industry. Being freed up to focus solely on art-making, has also fostered an atmosphere of open conversations with my studio mates, helping me personally to refine my practice and explore new terrain." Masuri Mazlan

"I wanted to spend these 4 months exploring different ways of expressing my obsession with colour perception, in the form of sculpture. Applying a variety of weaverly techniques and materials, I achieved a range of transparencies in the colours expressed, as they interact with the colour of the wall behind them. I hope this sparks more conversations on fiber-based art, which is still uncommon in Singapore.

The residency gave me a rare opportunity to work alongside other artists who were exploring different mediums and approaches. I enjoyed my exchanges with them, as well as some members of the club who have been participating in our open studio and discovery sessions." - Tiffany Loy

Installation View, Image courtesy of Mandala Club

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