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Kei Kato

Born: 1968

Hometown: Nagoya city

Based in: Japan

Kei Kato was born in 1968 in Nagoya City, Japan. Graduated from Musashino Art University in Tokyo in 1993. After that, he returned to Nagoya and established ”K.Art Market” gallery in 1995. Through the activities of K.Art Market, he met Mr.Brett Westfall. He is an artist and fashion designer based in Los Angeles. Brett and Kei published a collaboration ART book “SPACE ODDITY” in 2017. After several experiments with K.Art Market, Kei changed the space's name to “K.Art Studio” which he currently runs. He thinks that the space itself is one of his creation. Being a gallerist and an artist, the way he conducts his life is also the way to express himself as well as his art works.

solo exhibition
1994 Westbeth Gallery (Nagoya/Japan)
1995 Westbeth Gallery kozuka (Nagoya)
1996 T's Gallery (Nagoya)
1997 Westbeth Gallery kozuka (Nagoya)
1999 Westbeth Gallery kozuka (Nagoya)
2003 Westbeth Gallery kozuka (Nagoya)
2004 Gallery IDF(Nagoya)
2006 Westbeth Gallery kozuka (Nagoya)
2010 K.ArtStudio(Nagoya)
2011 Gallery APA(Nagoya)
2013 Gallery APA(Nagoya)
2013 Nagoya citizen gallery Yada(Nagoya)
2014 Gallery Japakara(Nagoya)
2015 Gallery White Cube(Nagoya)
2016 Gallery APA(Nagoya)
2017 K.Art Studio(Nagoya)
2017 galeria deux scene Yagoto(Nagoya)
2018 K.Art Studio(Nagoya)
2019 Gallery APA(Nagoya)
2019 SECOND LIFE OF NOKOGIRI(Ichinomiya/Aichi)

group exhibition
1994 International impact art festival(Kyoto/Japan)
1998 6Artists Westbeth Gallery kozuka (Nagoya)
1999 Usagi usagi nani mite haneru/Gallery Kozuka( Nagoya/Japan)
2002 Asian Art Now 2002 /Las Vegas Art Museum(Las Vegas/America)
2004 1.NUDE de NUDE Art Addiction Virtual Gallery (Londont/England)
2005 ArtAddiction medial 1. art annual 2005(Londont/England)
2005 Komaki Art Community2005(Komaki/Japan)
2009 Wall painting exhibition by 15artsts/Gallery Japakara(Nagoya)
2009 Borderless Art Exhibition/Toyokawa Sakuragaoka Museum(Aichi/Japan)
2009 Good bye K.ArtMarket Exhibition/K.ArtMarket(Nagoya/Japan)
2009 Yukutoshi Kurutoshi Exhibition/Kinkodo Salon(Nagoya/Japan)
2000'01'02'03'04'05'06'07'08'09 January/Westbeth Gallery Kozuka(Nagoya)
2010 December Show/Gallery APA(Nagoya/Japan)
2010 A charity auction for East Japan large-scale earthquake disaster/Gallery APA(Nagoya/Japan)
2011 Usagi Usagi Exhibition/Westbeth Gallery Kozuka(Nagoya/Japan)
2011 ART no hukubukuro Exhibition/Gallery APA(Nagoya/Japan)
2011 Wall painting exhibition at JAPAN rent-a-car/(Suzuka/Japan)
2011 A charity auction for East Japan large-scale earthquake disaster/Gallery APA(Nagoya/Japan)
2011 December Show/Gallery APA(Nagoya/Japan)
2012 ART no hukubukuro Exhibition/Gallery APA(Nagoya/Japan)
2012 KATO family 3ArtistsART Show/K.ArtStudio(Nagoya/Japan)
2013 Marche de APA/Gallery APA((Nagoya/Japan)
2014 An exhibition about beginning of the next New World./K.Art Studio(Nagoya/Japan)
2014 Borderless ART collection/[Kaisouhou ART](Takahama/Aichi/Japan)
2014 Two mans exhibition with Mio NakamuraBIGAKU-TEN”/K.ArtStudio(Nagoya/Japan)
2015 An Exhibition of the Spacism/K.ArtStudio(Nagoya/Japan)
2015 LIFE WORK EXHIBITION(Aich Art Center(Nagoya・Japan)
2015 5th KOTSUTUBO Exhibition/Kokushindou(Nagoya /Japan)
2015 nannka exhibition(two mans exhibition weih Tsutomu Komine)
2016 The Exhibition of the Spacism 2’nd/K.ArtStudio(Nagoya/Japan)
2016 Parade in Tsukinoniwa Vol.2/Tsukinoniwa (Nagoya/Japan)
2016 Kato Matsuo×Kato K 2mans Exhibition”Gene conversation”/K.ArtStudio(Nagoya/Japan)
2016 A exhibition surround Negishi teacher 4th/Kiyose Syougaigakusyuu-center(Tokio/Japan)
2016 A exhibition of the ART connection/Heart field gallery(Nagoya/Japan)
2016 6th KOTSUTUBO Exhibition/Kokushindou(Nagoya /Japan)
2016 KOMAYA ART PROJECT 2016(Toyohashi/Japan)
2017 LIFE WORK EXHIBITION/Aich Art Center(Nagoya・Japan)
2017 Drawing Life/Masayoshi Suzuki Gallery(Okazaki/Japan)
2018 Aestheties of Japanese Art/Masayoshi Suzuki Gallery(Okazaki/Japan)
2018 A exhibition of the ART connection/Heart field gallery(Nagoya/Japan)
2019 Boku to oyazy no Art de obon Night(Nishiharu/Aichi)


Kei Kato In The Studio

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More About Kei Kato

Question IconWhat inspires you?


Question IconDescribe your creative process.

I prefer to draw while feeling something rather than thinking about something.

Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

Cosmic. Nature. Soul.

Question IconWho are some artists that have influenced your work?

Bruce Lee.

Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?

Black gesso

Question IconWhat is the best piece of advice you have been given?

Don't think,just feel!

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

K.Art Studio

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New In Artworks: May 2022

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Musashino Art University

Japan, 1993


ArtAddiction medial 1. art annual Honorable Mention


ART ADDICTION  4th certificate of merit (Stockholm/Sweden)



Factory Underground

Japan, 2019