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Tran Tuan

Born: 1961

Hometown: Hanoi

Based in: Hanoi

“Through all forms, immersed in the universe."

Tran Tuan's abstract painting is unique. It's different with other abstract painting because it’s spiritual of Eastern painting. His artwork "My Hanoi city" was ranked third in the top ten of the competition "Bright light-Big city" organized by Saatchi Gallery-London-May, 2013. Abstract paintings of Tran Tuan is intense. He always works with medium of oil on canvas. Minimal and often viewed as being simplistic, Tran Tuan's artworks is enriched by his use of vivid colors and generous layering techniques. The results are incredible paintings that give the viewers a glimpse into Tran Tuan's innermost thoughts.

Born in Vietnam October, 25th, 1961, live in Hanoi, Vietnam, Tran Tuan is an established painter whose paintings have found their way into the hands of private collectors in Europe, Asia and America. Tran Tuan graduated from the Fine Art University in Hanoi and has exhibited his art in Vietnam, Paris and New York.


Tran Tuan In The Studio

“Through all forms, immersed in the universe."

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More About Tran Tuan

Question IconWhat inspires you?

The power of color.

Question IconDescribe your creative process.


Question IconWhat are 3 words that best describe your work?

generous layering techniques

Question IconWho are some artists that have influenced your work?


Question IconWhat is the most important tool when creating your work?


Question IconWhat is the best piece of advice you have been given?

You've touched the painting!

Question IconWhere do you go for inspiration?

My Soul

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